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About Us

about us

Priza company provides cloud information system solutions for organizations.

The company has rich experience as a manufacturer of CRM and ERP systems in the cloud, systems that provide solutions adapted to the current and future needs of customers to manage all business and organizational activities in the cloud while also making the work environment accessible to mobile.


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years of service


Satisfied customers

why US?

We have a passion for developing information systems in the cloud and we have amazing systems

Our believe

Reliability and transparency with the customer.

Professionalism and technological up-to-dateness in all our systems.

A pleasant and family work environment that strengthens the feeling of belonging.

Services and internal communication.

our vision

To be a leading, solid and well-known company in Israel for cloud information systems solutions, founded on excellent people so that customers, business partners, suppliers, employees will strive to work with it, prefer it over competitors and recommend their colleagues to work with it.

To develop cloud information systems for our clients that optimize the organization, transportation, handling, processing and retrieval of corporate information using the latest web-based technologies.

Improve, develop and optimize the ability to create information systems in the cloud.

To expand the company's areas of specialization, to strive for specialization and excellence in every field while paying attention to the small details and thus constantly improving our capabilities for our customers.

To be a pleasant, challenging and fair work environment for the company's staff and thus enable better service to our customers

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