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The veterinary service in the cloud

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About The veterinary service management system in the cloud

The official VetPro software is an information system that enables full and online management of the official veterinary system and is used as software for the official veterinarian and private veterinarians.

A system for managing the veterinary service in the cloud essential features

There are many reasons why to choose a system for managing a veterinary system in the cloud of Priza company, below are the main features:

Payment by residents through the Authority's website

Toll price list management according to the rules of the Ministry of Agriculture

Management of stay and closures

Instructions to the operator according to the subject of the request

Administration of supervision questionnaires

Management and distribution of e-mail and SMS messages to private veterinarians

Stock of vaccines at the entrance of a private veterinarian

Central reports on the department's activity for the benefit of veterinary supervision

Clearing transaction control

A control mechanism for receiving reports in the national chip database

Access to private veterinarians for payment and reporting

Automatic reporting of dog reports to the national microchip database

Monitoring report on captures from the mobile with photos

Ability to close a call from the mobile

Business and supplier management

Sending a receipt and license to the resident by email

Registration of hair samples to the DNA database

Production of an animal file

Veterinary department activity schedule

Fills automatically

A control mechanism for receiving reports in the national chip database

Overall management of the veterinary system


Direct search in the national chip database

Management of kennels and cell occupancy

Management of the resident call center

Animal food inspection management

Generating a license application file

Work arrangement for supervisor

Sending warning letters to residents

Weekly and monthly standby schedule

Personal area for the resident

Accessing personal information to the resident also via mobile

The entire system is available and optimized for use from the mobile

Management of vaccine stocks per veterinarian

Sending a dog ownership license by email

Receiving inquiries also from the Authority's website

Production of a supervision questionnaire by email to the business

Administration of vaccination program in settlements

Payment of fines and debts online

Management of alerts and fines

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