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  • Priza - Clients Stories

    Recommendation videos - a system for managing the veterinary clinic Veterinary clinic in the cloud - ``VetProClinic'' system for managing a veterinary clinic in the cloud

  • Priza - a Cloud-based Supply Chain Management System

    You need a management system The supply chain in the cloud? !Check now About The supply chain management system in the cloud A supply chain management system enables full monitoring and control of production processes and the supply of traffic arrangements on Israeli roads. The system receives detailed work orders with the types of required traffic arrangements and their dimensions for the benefit of production in the factory and housing for projects, work sites, subcontractors and actual execution shifts. The tracking of the items continues from the order document to delivery (loaded onto the truck), execution (installed in the field at the job site) and return (return of the equipment that has not yet been installed). Follow-up management is based on work logs and execution plans included in the supply chain documents for the benefit of field personnel. The products are: actual inventory management at the work site in the field, logistics management - from orders to the warehouse and the manufacturing plant to issuing invoices to customers, production of a cost report per work site that centers all logistics costs in terms of trucks, workers, equipment and accessories. A cloud supply chain management system essential features There are many reasons why to choose Priza's cloud supply chain system, below are the main features: Documentation of hours and wages Managing rates, documenting working hours, types of shifts and producing a salary report. Logistics management and customer billing From orders to the warehouse and the production plant to issuing invoices to customers. Cost report The center's report summarizes all logistics costs in terms of trucks, workers, equipment and accessories in the field. Control of the employee's work in the field Full transparency of the employee's reports from the field. Work arrangement for field workers Division into shift types, assignment of shift manager, assignment to orders, assignment to work sites and more. Receipt of purchase orders Individual reception of orders for traffic arrangements. Management of budgets and accounts The system allows the centralization of a per-site cost report. Management of work logs Orders, deliveries, performance and returns. Reception of work orders Includes a detailed description of traffic regulations, their image from the traffic sign database and dimensions for production. Concentration of data for the benefit of profit and loss per project The system allows the use of raw data in order to generate profitability reports. Total management of the supply chain system ‎ Entry of employees from the mobile Delivery process reports, execution and returns from the mobile. Manage items/waymarks Managing a list of road signs with reference to quantities, interpretations, classifications and types. Login Client stories Work management - supply chain Employee card management Cost reports Work schedule Monitor view from the mobile Show All System login screen Login Dashboard - Dashboard Login

  • arabic contact us | פריזה

    troublelink The Freeza company team will be happy to receive the message and respond as soon as possible. Privatethe office Address: P.O. 366, Binyamina, Israel Phone: (972) 04-6180-592 Email: i hoursactivity Sunday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m Friday and Saturday - closed

  • Priza - a Cloud-based Monitoring Management System

    Cloud monitoring management system Check now About The monitoring system in the cloud Priza's monitoring system is a central system located in the server farm and enables monitoring of services, servers, communication, websites and intranets and basically almost any computerized service. A system for managing the monitoring service in the cloud essential features There are many reasons why to choose the system for managing the cloud monitoring services of Priza, the main features are as follows: Sending notifications and performing actions. ​ Online control panel Real-time monitoring indicator monitor (Dashboard), possibility to make an individual adjustment to the control monitor that appears in the control room. ​ Alert limit (reading value above or below...) ᅠ Alerts on aggravation (additional alerts at any specific time during the Downtime). ᅠ Load Balancer monitoring with Hosts defined as needed from different monitoring sites (servers and systems sitting behind LB can be monitored). ᅠ Detectors that require writing code and scripts to support the processes they want to monitor ᅠ Types of detectors A very wide range of detectors Notifications in text messages (SMS messages) to predetermined recipient lists. ᅠ Alerts with the current status of the detector (Up, Down, Warning). ᅠ reports Real-time reports and graphs, export of monitoring data for a selected period of time, summary display of monitoring times of several detectors, option to retrieve historical monitoring information. Flexibility in monitoring ᅠ Monitoring the execution of login processes for on-line systems when it is possible to check and measure each step in the process (response time in milliseconds). ᅠ Network monitoring for professionals. / Easy to use interface ᅠ Performing operations such as an HTTP request. ᅠ ​ Multiple conditions for making an alert (alert when both detector A and detector B are down). ᅠ Notification scheduling (non-urgent notifications will not be sent at night). ᅠ Monitoring from diverse websites such as monitoring from different server farms and different internet providers. ᅠ Monitoring websites, applications and computer systems critical to the organization at regular intervals. / Alerts in an email message to predefined recipient lists. ​ Play a voice alert. ᅠ Threshold alerts (above or below a certain value for a certain time). ​ Dependencies between detectors for the benefit of alerting. ᅠ

  • Priza - Clients Stories

    Recommendation videos Customers tell about us Orin Shepelter College - Customer Success Story Union of Samaria Veterinary Cities - ``VetPro'' system for managing the veterinary service in the cloud Algrunt - a system for managing Help Desk service calls Prog and Estella Colleges - a system for managing a college in the cloud Avidar/Netivy Israel - ``Pakhant'' system for managing the supervision system in the cloud Mashgav Regional Council - ``VetPro'' system for managing a veterinary system in the cloud Citadel, road traffic regulations - a system for managing the supply chain in the cloud A new way of moving - the Pakhant system for managing the supervision system in the cloud The Akario College - a system for managing a college in the cloud Veterinary clinic in the cloud - ``VetProClinic'' system for managing a veterinary clinic in the cloud

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