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Fundraising in the cloud

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About the Fundraising system in the cloud

A complete and comprehensive system for managing a fundraising system in the cloud. The system provides an answer to the process of receiving donations, operation of donation projects and finances.

The system enables management, monitoring, control and budgetary control over a set of partnerships/donations and investments of organizations from the second and third sectors. The system records the entire process of establishing contact with a partner, the ongoing work, his part in projects, budget management, monthly reports and tracking the progress of the partnership.

A system for managing the fundraising process essential features

There are many reasons why to choose the system for managing the fundraising process in the cloud of Priza, the main features are as follows:

Managing the donation process

Management of donations with the date and amount of the request, the promise of donation and the amount actually donated, management of donation projects with the fundraising target and with association with donations.

Management of physician funds

Individual adjustment to hospital friend associations, management of donations to doctors' funds, management of expenses from the fund, access to the fund's manager to see its status

Management of donation projects

Management of project cards that constitute the objects of the donations, the fundraising target against the promises and the actual fundraising

Managing the relationship with the donor

Interaction history, sending a digitally signed receipt by email, contacts, communication by email, Whatsapp, SMS

Sophisticated dashboard

A variety of reports and guides that give the administrator a picture of the state of donations

Management of donors and donations

Efficient and fast management and tracking of donors and their contributions, potential donors and contacts, donor card management, interaction history, donations, commitments, receipts, contacts and more

Management of friend associations of hospitals

A version intended for the management of friend associations of hospitals. the entire process of raising funds and donations in front of donation projects and doctors' funds

Total management of the entire fundraising process

fundraising CRM, Storage for donors data, Healthcare Fundraising

Donation process statuses

Flexible management of donation statuses, donors and the target projects of the donations