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Cloud billing management system

About The billing management system in the cloud

A comprehensive system for managing billing in the cloud. Managing customer billing online according to a recurring billing cycle. Charge controls and full control over cash flow.

Cloud billing management system essential features

There are many reasons why to choose the Priza cloud billing management system, below are the main features:

Management of individual sales to the customer

Online selection of products and packages

The entire system is available and optimized for use from the mobile

Two-step verification

Login to the system with a one-time password to identify and authenticate the user


Credit card encryption for future billing (renewable monthly billing)

Online management of the variety of customer products

Monthly charge management

Recurring/one-time charges.

Reports and controls

A mechanism that displays the status of customer charges.

Customer personal area

Login with a one-time temporary password to a personal area where you can view personal data, purchases, invoices and contact.

Extensive financial management

Managerial financial statements

Online signing of an engagement agreement

Sending the forms directly from the customer card.

Onboarding payment methods

Credit standing orders, banking standing orders.

Management of price lists

Flexible management of price lists according to changing parameters

Customer billing

Customers are billed simply and easily at the click of a button.

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