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Management of scholarships in the cloud

Join thousands of satisfied users of the Priza company :)

About The scholarship management system in the cloud

A complete and comprehensive system for managing scholarships in the cloud. The system manages the scholarship system according to plans and allows users nationwide to securely log into the system in order to update the information related to the operation, control and management of the fund's scholarship system. The system allows defalcation of payment transfers in the format of a number.

Cloud scholarship management system essential features

There are many reasons why to choose Priza's cloud scholarship management system, below are the main features:

Overall management of the entire scholarship system

Managing a detailed record of each scholarship holder

Interactions, scores, attachments, emails or messages sent to assessments

Managing collaborations with diverse partners or donors.

Documentation of actual payment transfers for each planned scholarship

Secure access via password  one time


Filtering, sorting and searching for potential grantees from the existing database

Personal online area for candidate/recipient

For periodic updating of details

Screening processes are regulated by assessment centers, interviews, etc.

contact management

Automatic desecration of a file number

For planned transfers

Remote user work via the Internet

Each user sees the records that are allowed to him

System access control - who accesses, when and where

Management of applying for a scholarship is simple and friendly

Both in entering details, uploading documents, updating, sorting stage, etc.

Decision-support tools according to predefined grade mapping

Management of the organization's alumni system

Tracking academic and professional history

Defamation of a sweeping notice to the eligible scholarship recipients about their eligibility

Interest, Subscriptions, Reports, Calls, Reminders, Finances, Files

A set of permissions for the different types of users

Update signature documentation - who touched, which record and when

Online registration form Responsive

Form for submitting a scholarship and a form for continuing to receive a scholarship


Scoring and specifying the request according to parameters defined for each answer in each field

accompanying work processin the statuses

Registration of an unlimited number of planned scholarships according to templates

Sending messages by email and SMS

Various reports

Export reports in different languages

Ability to print in the form of a mail merge of the scholarship certificates

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