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Your veterinary clinic in the cloud

Join thousands of satisfied users of the Priza company :)

About The veterinary clinic management system in the cloud

The VetProClinic software is an information system that enables complete and online management of the veterinary clinic and is used as software for the veterinarian.

A system for managing the veterinary clinic in the cloud essential features

There are many reasons why to choose Priza's cloud veterinary clinic management system, the main features are below:

Animal card management

Overall management of the entire veterinary clinic

ERP for managing the veterinary clinic in the cloud

Management of vaccination record

Digital signature

Index documentation and graphic display

Login to the system from the mobile

Subscription management

Animal card management

Makes it possible to record and carry out visits, vaccinations, measures, etc. in one concentrated, simple and convenient page.

Sending an invoice by email

Documentation and production of laboratory tests

Product price list

Clearing interface

Connection with Google Calendar

Contact the customers by email, SMS and WhatsApp directly from the system

Manage reminders

Sophisticated search engine

A picture of monthly income and expenses of the veterinary clinic

A cloud system is accessible from anywhere

Pop-up reminders

Management of customer cards

about all their details and the association of animals with the customer card

Documentation of animal visits to the clinic

Appointment diary and reminders

Creating a vaccine invoice

Documentation of working hours

by the veterinary clinic staff

Production of documents from the animal's card

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