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Cloud monitoring management system

About The monitoring system in the cloud

Priza's monitoring system is a central system located in the server farm and enables monitoring of services, servers, communication, websites and intranets and basically almost any computerized service.

A system for managing the monitoring service in the cloud essential features

There are many reasons why to choose the system for managing the cloud monitoring services of Priza, the main features are as follows:

Sending notifications and performing actions.

Online control panel

Real-time monitoring indicator monitor (Dashboard), possibility to make an individual adjustment to the control monitor that appears in the control room.

Alert limit (reading value above or below...)

Alerts on aggravation (additional alerts at any specific time during the Downtime).

Load Balancer monitoring with Hosts defined as needed from different monitoring sites (servers and systems sitting behind LB can be monitored).

Detectors that require writing code and scripts to support the processes they want to monitor

Types of detectors

A very wide range of detectors

Notifications in text messages (SMS messages) to predetermined recipient lists.

Alerts with the current status of the detector (Up, Down, Warning).


Real-time reports and graphs, export of monitoring data for a selected period of time, summary display of monitoring times of several detectors, option to retrieve historical monitoring information.

Flexibility in monitoring

Monitoring the execution of login processes for on-line systems when it is possible to check and measure each step in the process (response time in milliseconds).

Network monitoring for professionals.


Easy to use interface

Performing operations such as an HTTP request.

Multiple conditions for making an alert (alert when both detector A and detector B are down).

Notification scheduling (non-urgent notifications will not be sent at night).

Monitoring from diverse websites such as monitoring from different server farms and different internet providers.

Monitoring websites, applications and computer systems critical to the organization at regular intervals.


Alerts in an email message to predefined recipient lists.

Play a voice alert.

Threshold alerts (above or below a certain value for a certain time).

Dependencies between detectors for the benefit of alerting.

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