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Managing the organized trips in the cloud

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About the travel management system organized in the cloud

A complete and comprehensive cloud management system for organized trips. The system provides an answer to the sales, operation and financial process.

A system for managing the trips organized in the cloud essential features

There are many reasons why to choose the system for managing organized trips in the cloud of Priza company, below are the main features:

Management of organized trips

Sending invoices by email

A caller window pops up

Smart Itinerary layout

Consideration of deadlines, according to the trip syllabus

Management of travel price lists

Calculating discounts, sending a quote

Instructor salary management

including individual salary reports

Online Itinerary management

Individual itinerary for each travel cycle

The list of trips upon registration

Quick and accessible information for the sales people

Airline management

Associating travel cycles with airlines

Timetable and class management

Sales and financial management

Interfacing to an IP switchboard

Checklist, tasks per cycle, division of tasks

A picture of monthly income and expenses of the organized trips

Travel syllabus templates

Sales meeting log

Manage meeting reminders

Guide card management

Management of pay rates, travel distance, bonuses and interactions with the guide

Business module

Selling sponsored trips for groups or individuals

Group ticket

Creating a passenger list at the click of a button with the passengers' passport details

Interested party management - CRM

Presence of travelers from the mobile

Management of operational tasks

Full traveler card management

Documentation of working hours

special meetings

Joint meetings for several classes

Instructor placements log

Managing contact with travelers

Sending travel plans to participants in a comprehensive way, managing distribution lists

Room arrangement management

Room type and belonging to the room

Total management of the organized trips
Total management of the organized trips
Entering instructors from the mobile

Digital signature

Billing and clearing

Automatic lead capture

Entry of travelers from the mobile

Reminders for instructors

The instructor chooses whether to receive SMS or email

Goal management

Concentration of the price list of the trips, currency of the trip payment, continent in the world, responsible operator, recommended period

Group registration

Retrieving traveler data according to an existing ID