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Management of the supervision system in the cloud

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About The management system of the supervisory system in the cloud

Full management System of traffic inspectors. The system helps the management starting from the process of receiving, sorting and filtering the candidates, through their training and the documentation of the array's ongoing activity through a sophisticated operations log that enables functionality for the call center required for quick documentation of events. Also, the system allows access at different permission levels according to the user's role in the organizational hierarchy. Managers are presented with management reports that can be cut, filtered and sorted easily and in a variety of ways. The system allows full management of an employee card as well as salary, constraints, call documentation, work equipment inventory management and more.

A system for managing the supervision system in the cloud essential features

There are many reasons why to choose a system for managing the supervision system in the cloud of Priza company, the main features are as follows:

Weekly assignment board

Displaying employee availability according to constraints.

Digital forms

Bulk signature online on forms, signature from the mobile, automatic saving in the employee card.

Traffic mobility management

Licensing tracking, treatments, belonging, travel teams and more.

Work arrangements

Assignments of inspectors according to constraints.

Receiving work orders from customers

Customer access to the system in order to make a work order independently.

Supervise report on the execution of online work directly from the field

Management and distribution of e-mail and SMS messages to supervisors at the work site

Administrative reports

Incoming work report, completed work report, shift report, etc.

Quick documentation of events by the hotline

Production of salary reports

Calculation of wages for janitors and inspectors.

Producing invoices and reports for customers

Sending an SMS message with the work data to the supervisor in the field

The entire system is available and optimized for use from the mobile

Employee card management

Pay rates, fixed and variable constraints, conversations with the employee, management of inventory items received and more.

inventory management

Inventory, suppliers, items, inventory movements, equipment at the employee's place, ordering equipment from the mobile.

Geographic management and operation - GIS

Associating activities to different regions of the country, transportation teams, employee locations and work sites on a map, travel distance calculations and more.

Control of the site inspector's work

Continuous contact with the inspectors in real time during the work at the various sites

Active mobility management

Overall management of the supervision system

Sophisticated specials calendar

Receipt of early arrival permits, actual arrival permits, departure permits and general information about each job site.

Permission levels differ according to the user's role in the organizational hierarchy

Management of work logs

Documentation in online logs or physical log snapshots.

Converting customer orders into shifts

Establishment of work sites

Setting up work sites quickly, easily and conveniently, and also, scheduling shifts at the push of a button.

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