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Cloud service management

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About The service management system in the cloud

The service call system (Help-Desk) in the cloud of Priza company, manages the entire service system and service calls in the organization and enables monitoring of the status of the call handling and the way it is handled while documenting the chain of reports of the progress of the handling until its closure. The system is web-based, does not require local installation and allows access to all its users from any browser. The system allows all users with the appropriate authorization to open a service call to the service provider online. The system allows control and documentation of time and resources dedicated to the performance of service tasks. The reading system integrates knowledge base management and task management for each reading.

the service in the cloud essential features

There are many reasons why to choose Priza's cloud service management system, below are the main features:

Management of work processes and approvals

Production of work orders for field technicians and customer confirmation by email

Scheduled reports to managers

Sending scheduled reports about the status of the service to managers directly to the mobile

Documentation of working hours in the service

Documentation of actual and billable working hours, hour bank management, retainer hours management, hours utilization report

Work according to service teams

Possibility of defining service teams according to areas for efficient work

Opening inquiries in a variety of ways

Email, external form, service center form, Whatsapp, SMS

Sophisticated dashboard

Assignment of tasks to the service team from checklists and conversion as needed to call for service

Maintenance management

Preventive maintenance management, inventory management of service objects, renewal reminders, scheduled calls

Management of service types and availability

Determining the types of service for the customer, time windows for providing the service, as well as determining a response according to the classification of a reference per customer

Managing customer inquiries

Efficient and fast management as well as follow-up after handling internal or external customer inquiries

100% optimized for mobile

The system is a responsive system that is also suitable for mobile use

Task management

Assignment of tasks to the service team from checklists and conversion as needed to call for service

Interfacing to AD

Interfacing to Active Directory in LDAP for the benefit of synchronizing system users and the organization

Total management of the entire service system

Help Desk, Ticketing, Service Calls

The statuses of the service calls

Flexible management of service call statuses including a status change log (new, open, in processing, waiting for a customer response, closed)

SLA service level management

SLA by customer, by contact classification, indicating whether a customer is under a service contract or not