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שאלות נפוצות

  • Do you know how to export lay movements to excel files?
    The answer is yes, Priza knows how to export accounting files adapted to a double-entry bookkeeping system.
  • Do you know how to load data from other systems?
    The Priza company has automatic processes that know how to load data from any other system using Excel/Access files.
  • Do you know how to work with leads from different websites?
    The Priza company has many modules on the topic of leads, among other things, receiving them from various websites and social networks.
  • Can you interface with other systems and pull data from them/push data?
    If there is an API we know how to interface.
  • Do you know how to work with two-step verification?
    In order to raise the level of information security for online work for the purpose of identifying and verifying the user in the system, Priza has an OTP mechanism - One Time Password a one-time password via SMS and/or Email.
  • Do you have an income tax certificate?
    According to Appendix E of Section 36 of the Income Tax Order (Management of Record Books) 1973, Priza is registered as software for managing a computerized accounting system. To view the certificate Click here
  • Do you know how to work with WhatsApp?
    Priza knows how to work with WhatsApp Web. Regarding WhatsApp Business, there is support through interfacing with an external provider.
  • Do you make system backups?
    We do perform system backups. Back up the source + two weeks of backups in two other different places.
  • Does the system know how to send text messages and emails to predefined groups?
    The systems can send to a group of customers (distribution lists) but not mass mailing (Mass Mailing).
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